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IUA President: The Iranian Urological Association Congress 2018 will be on 19 – 22 June


" The next IUA congress will be from 19th – 22nd of June 2018.

According to the Iranian urological association website interview done with the twenty-first IUA congress chair Dr. Abbas Basiri, the next IUA congress will be from 19th – 22nd of June 2018.

Counting the fact that next year’s Ramadan is said to be around the end of May to the end of June, this date was chosen to have enough distance from Nowrooz holidays and not to interfere in other national and international congresses including: the American Urological Association congress and the Iranian Surgeons’ Society congress.

“About the congress venue, we include the satisfaction of the participants in this year and the years before. So the venue will be in Shahid Beheshti university convention center - Abooreyhan hall and the accessory halls of the complex” Dr. Basiri, said in responding to where the congress will be held.

The twentieth IUA congress seems to be one of the most successful congresses convened and the positive remarks of the participants are a great confirmation to that statement.

“For the first time in the history of IUA there were 440 filled questioners collected in this year’s congress. This, helps the hosts of the congress to understand the participants’ needs and opinions and also put their programs on the same line of the participants needs” said the next congress chair.

“This year, we had 1266 participants in which 1088 of them were doctors and this is count as one of the successes accomplished in this convention. We are expecting to have a bigger number of delegates in the upcoming years and witness great progress in this congress which, in fact, is count as one of the most ideal congresses in Asia” Professor Basiri mentioned.

IUA president also emphasized “We believe that Iran’s urology level is ideal in the Middle East and west of Asia; so our goal in the next year’s congress is to have a conference in relation to its position and scientific level”.

”The 21st urology congress is being programmed in a way that the experiences of the previous years have an important effect on the decisions.

In conclusion by including the administered survey and the goal of holding a congress decent to Iran’s position on this subject, these fields are being considered in programming:

1.       The first step of experiences in hosting a congress is that the county and province branches have an important role in holding a better congress scientifically and because of this we specified the first day of the 2016 congress to the province branches and the planning  has already started for doing the same next year.

The debates and subjects that will be mentioned are going to be a conclusion to the subjects mentioned in the social level of the congress. We count the presence of our colleagues in the province pleasurable and we already welcome them and hope for them to get ready to present us with advanced and up to date, scientific information.

2.       The second field that we focused in this year’s congress was the presence of our Iranian colleagues in foreign countries.  This year a considerable number of our colleagues who are active in high-ranked universities in foreign countries were present. Six of the Iranian specialists who are active in great scientific institutes around the world joined us for this year. We are hoping that this number will increase in the following year and reach to, at least, 10 present specialists. Knowing that these physicians are dominant to both Persian and English and have stayed in Iran enough to know about the problems and criteria, this mutual understanding will help in transferring scientific experiences better and easier.

In choosing these physicians, we choose the people who are working in high-ranked universities and are known as trusted people in scientific societies.

Conversations with these speakers have already started and we hope next year’s congress will be better with the presence of them.

3.       The third field considered in the decisions is the presence of young urologists. Fortunately most of our young urologists have great scientific level and experiences and are also dominant to computers and speaking English, which shows us that this generation has the potential to be in charge of managing and scientific related posts. So giving responsibilities to the young generation is one of our goals in next year’s event.

4.       One of the other goals in this year and next year’s congress is the presence of the international associations. Every year we have had presenters from the European Association of Urology (EAU) and Societe Internationale d’Urologie (SIU). This year, also, we have invited representatives from the Urological Association of Asia (UAA) and American Urological Association (AUA) to participate in our congress. This participation is mutual and we will also participate in their congresses sharing experiences.

5.       The next topic we will focus on is Iran’s regional mission. We believe that Iran’s urology level in the region is ideal and this country must be the pioneer in urology development in the region.

Last year we had people invited from Iraq, Turkey, India and Tajikistan etc. This year we are looking forward on expanding the presence of urologists and specialists. One of the associations’ programs is to initiate some facilities in near future to help transfer urologic- scientific information and to compete with other international associations and promote urology in Iran”.

Dr. Basiri also pointed out that the congress’s scientific association will assess the administration done in the twentieth congress and will analyze the opinion of the contacts and also edit the congress scientific program. So we ask the specialists in the circuit to send their opinions and ideas to hold a better congress next year.

Dr. Basiri also added: “we are not only trying to present scientific and technical skills and even right ways to treat patients but we are also trying to make a warm and friendly environment so that our urologist colleagues can use the scientific and specialized information next to having great time with their other colleagues during the congress days”.