1.      Harmonious Interaction (Overall Coordination) and signing a contract with European Association of Urology (EAU)

2.      Achieving top grades in European Board of Urology Exam by the participants

3.      Awarded the first article prize at the EAU 1st Eastern Mediterranean Meeting

4.      More than 70 percent of the Iranian Urologists have been the member of the association and have been strenuously working with IUA

5.      Holding Seminars and workshops on the basis of the requirements for standardizing the urology residency training programs among the Universities of Medical Sciences

6.      Holding Nursing Seminars and Workshops for the urology nurses

7.      Publishing more than 10 books on Urology

8.      Cooperating with the EAU 1st Eastern Mediterranean Meeting in Turkey

9.      Building Strong relations with the Urology Associations of other countries.

10.  Having been introduced as the premiere scientific forum by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology

11.  Commemorating the National Men’s Health day since 2006

12.  Holding the 12th Asian Congress of Urology, December 2014


Brief Summary about Introducing IUA as the Premier Scientific Forum

In December 15, 2007, along with the commemoration of the Research and Technology week - held in the presence of Dr. Zahedi, minister of Science, Research and Technology, Dr. Vaseei, deputy minister of Research and Technology, Mr. Mohammadian, head of Supreme Leader's representative institution of the University and chairman of the Health commission of the parliament, IUA was introduced as the premiere among 140 scientific associations and the President of the association received an award as a memorial recognition.