1.    Specialized Service for the Community and People

1.1.         Informing patients

1.2.         Commemorating the National Men’s Health Day

1.3.         Monitoring and scientific cooperation in providing urology drugs

1.4.         Performing research projects in accordance with community needs

2.    Help the Urologists with Their Requirements 

2.1.         Performing educational research programs

2.2.         Monthly scientific conferences

2.3.         Annual Congresses

2.4.         Continuous Medical Education (CME) programs

2.5.         Residents training programs

2.6.         Periodic evaluation of The scientific, research, equipment and professional status of the urologists for the purpose of planning

3.    To Communicate with and Integrating in International Conventions

3.1.         Agreements with European Association of Urology (EAU) for wide collaborations

3.2.         Integrating in Urological Association of Asia (UAA)

3.3.         Establishing the Urology Association of East Mediterranean and Andrology Association of Asia and Europe

3.4.         Cooperating with the Arab Association of Urology (AAU)

3.5.         Cooperating with the urology associations of neighboring countries

3.6.         Attending the European Board of Urology Exam