History of Iran Urology Assosiation

Celebrating the Iranian Urological Association 50th Year Anniversary

In May 2009 beside the Iran International Urology Congress, the 50th year anniversary of Iranian Urological Association was conducted to celebrate fifty years of uninterrupted scientific and research activities.

The 50th year anniversary organizing committee headed by Dr. Gholamreza Pourmand was established, meanwhile Dr. Mohammad Kazemeini was appointed as the secretary of the committee.

The committee provided the celebration preparation for 8 months, with more than 30 members of the provincial and professional branches together with the chairmen.

After continuous meetings and planning, the ceremony was celebrated on May 14th 2009 in Milad Tower. Dr. Iraj Fazel, the President of the Medical Sciences Academy, the invited professors and members of the association were also present.

Iranian Urological Association

Iranian Urological Association (IUA) was established in 1959 by well-known professors. Merging with the Association of Kidney Surgeons In 1994, has been the outset of the new period of activity. The Board of Directors of the association seriously followed the activities by codifying goals and strategies along with regular meetings and consultations with urologists. As a result, at the moment, the association is working with 11 provincial branches, 6 specialized branches and 4 committees, with wide international collaborations.